Craftsman & Suppliers

Bob's vest made out of cowhide by Arda Tole


Reata made by Dan Moyer

Closeup photo below

Rawhide bosals, etc made by Rob Gerbitz

Paul Van Dyke, Saddle Maker

**Paul Van Dyke -
Primary saddle maker of saddles used by Bob King at Cowboy School
Sheridan, Wyoming:
307 673-5783

Dan Moyer

**D.R. Hoover - Saddle maker 
Yerington, NV: 

**Custom Cowboy Shop: Cody, WY 800-487-2692

**King Saddlery: Sheridan, WY 800-443-8919

**Big Ben Saddlery: Alpine, TX 800-634-4502

**Tom Hirt  - Custom Hat Maker: 719-372-9399 

**Brighton Feed and Farm Supply: Brighton, CO  800-237-0721

Anza knife 

Knife holder made by Bill Brown,

email 800-337-5250.

Favorite Clinicians

Buck Brannaman 

Wendy Murdoch

Bryan Neubert


Leslie Desmond

Favorite Websites


Favorite Books

**True Horsemanship through Feel
Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond

This will be the horseman's bible. BK

Think Harmony with Horses
Ray Hunt

True Unity
Tom Dorrance

Problem Solving with Marty Marten
Western Horsemanship book

Ground Work
Buck Brannaman

Center Riding volumes 1&2
Sally Swift

Simplify Your Riding
Wendy Murdoch

Favorite Magazine

Eclectic Horseman

Cowboys and Indians

Persimmon Hill

Western Horseman 

Favorite DVDs

Colt Starting by Ray Hunt

Ground Work by Buck Brannaman

Ranch Roping by Buck Brannaman,

Snaffle Bit by Buck Brannaman

First Ride by Buck Brannaman. 

Martin Black's CLASSIC

Californios BRANDING Roping & Stock Handling Techniques.
And their Californios highlights.

THE ANATOMY OF BITTING  by Deb Bennett, Ph.D   

Banjo in the two rein. Half breed bit by Todd Hansen.

Katie Maddox and "Those Gates"

THOSE GATES  (subtitled Jeans Too Tight)

ďIíll get the gate!ĒóOh, blessed sound

Which keeps my feet up off the ground

And in the stirrups, their proper use,

And, in the saddle, my caboose.


Why, oh, why must they sag and scrape

And thereby hamper our escape??

The bolts donít fit into the holes,

So we must lift up on the poles.


With all our might we hoist and push

And try to get the timing right,

Cause if you get into a rush

It only will prolong the fight.


And oh, those gates of barbed wireó

How they do provoke my ire!

Your fingers are in danger mortal

When you try to close this portal.


I like those gates that freely swing

And simply latch with slot or snap.

To these my horseís skills Iíd bring.

Together we could bridge the gap.


Those other gates will bear the curse

That canít be got from back of horse!

poetry by Katie Maddox

Bob & Banjo heel trap, Spring branding.

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