For some it is the dream of living life where the western mountains meet the endless sky and vast spaces are a just a part of the lifestyle.

For you it might be about being part of an American legend, becoming the best cowboy you can be, or you may want to fully explore the horse/human connection. Whatever your inspiration, at Cowboy School you will be schooled in the wisdom and skills of the west--the west of your dreams!

Bob King
photo credit: Avalon Photography. Jolene Bertrand


Bob working a young mare to where you can catch her so we could trailer load her and get her started.
 Local ranch in

helping prepare Dan's colt to be ridden.

From horsemanship to cattle work, ranch roping, range management, and more, you will learn by doing, hands on, right away.


Bob working with Sally, with her feel through the reins.

In a technology driven society, ranching still requires expert cowboys that ride, rope and handle cattle horseback.


Bob working
photo credit: Avalon Photography. Jolene Bertrand

Fall work processing and calves. 
Kathy, Lynn, Terry, Kip, & Matt.

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Bob and Amigo
photo credit: Avalon Photography. Jolene Bertrand

After a week at Cowboy School your horse and cattle will be glad you came.


Flagging Tom on Dandy.

Tom from South Africa, working on bending and feeling the horse's feet 

This could be you. Are you ready to:
Enjoy a more rewarding time horseback,
Become part of the crew,
Build your confidence,
Have fun,  RIDE!

Sarah riding ole Buck. Buck was a horse we used in the school for many years. What a great horse.

At the horsemanship clinic in Iowa. This horse was having a little trouble getting untracked.

Cowboy School

Andy, Elsie and Old Blue on the TA Ranch in Sept.2011


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